Why MortgageWise

Remind them who the pro is,
every quarter.

Stay top-of-list,
not just top-of-mind

How do top mortgage loan officers generate leads today? Referrals! Email has a terrible open rate. Instead, we mail ALL your contacts serious articles quarterly, positioning you as an industry expert.

deliver serious content

We craft serious, insightful, useful, and easy-to-understand articles on building wealth through real estate. Each one is specifically written to drive inbound calls.

Avoid the "canned" look

Sending canned newsletters is like bringing store-bought cookies to a get-together. With MortgageWise, you get the best of both worlds -- easy and fun customization, while we do all the heavy lifting involving main articles, layouts, and production.

Look like a million bucks...
...for as low as $1.79 mailed

Mortgage pros routinely confirm that MortgageWise's look and feel is unmatched. Proprietary technology allows you to customize it and still get a super-competitive price.

Not mailing newsletters? The alternatives usually come up short.

Small format can't deliver enough insights to position you as the expert. No shelf life or pass-along value. Hard to stand out from the competition, and for the price of a couple postcards, you could be sending MortgageWise quarterly.

Learn more about the advantages of printed newsletters here.