MortgageWise Details

your newsletter, your way.

Agent Details

Many newsletters only offer this. And they make it hard for you to change this quickly.

Header Images

Customize each full page with header image themesets that give you a unique look and feel. Change it anytime you want.

Personal Branding

Include your top endorsement badges.

Image Control

Choose from dozens of images to go with your sidebar articles.

Custom Intro Letter

Each quarter, you get to write a page-1 intro, to welcome your clients to the newsletter. Or use the handy default option.

Custom Sidebar Article

Write a short article on page 3 - - a thankyou, a product feature, etc. -- and pick a custom header image. Or use the handy default version.

Custom Call to Action

Ask your clients to coffee, offer a free loan review, or encourage them to call you. Or pick the handy default option.

Custom Product Promo

Upload your own custom promo, like a rate ad, or other graphic. Or use the handy default graphic.

Every Page Branding

We integrate your logo seamlessly into the layout of every page, front and back. The net result is a custom-looking piece.

Integrated Contact Info

MortagageWise integrates your contact info right into the layout, (i.e., not just overprinted) for a truly custom look and feel.

Top Quality Articles

We do the heavy lifting each quarter, writing insightful articles that make you look great and drive inbound calls.

Control Panel Portal

Update or change your newsletter anytime, upload a new list, write new content. Make it yours!