Customization Help – Images

Image types you can upload


JPG (or Jpeg's) are images that have a background. These work in many instances, but in some cases you'll need a PNG (see right).


PNG files can have a transparent background, and these are required for certain assets like your logo.
The logo needs to have a transparent background so that it can go nicely on top of your header image. If you don't have a PNG file of your logo with a transparent background, ask your company marketing resource.


We set minimum sizes on images so that they print cleanly. Here's how to check how large your image is:

  • Locate the image on your hard drive.
  • Right-click on the file
  • Choose: Properties
  • Choose: Details

If your image isn't big enough, it will print pixellated, which isn't so great. Ask your company for a larger version. Or reach out to us for further guidance here.


Note: All images have a maximum 2MB file-size limit.

Or...go with the standard Default Ad/Promo (which we update on occasion).
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PDF format. Can be edited using Adobe Illustrator. Logo not included.

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