Branch-Level Programs

increase branch impact.
Maintain tight controls.

Do you manage multiple originators? Only MortgageWise lets you field a branch-level newsletter program that becomes part of your corporate marketing program. You get control over key branding elements and who pays for what, while agents retain customization control.

Pay for any or all Agents.

Only MortgageWise lets you decide which Agents you pay for, by way of a “payment key” that you issue. Other participating Agents (i.e., low producers) can still pay on their own.

Branding-level control

Maintain consistent control over logo, tagline, branch contact info, and more. Other newsletter solutions only offer individual-level programs.

Agent-level customization

Your Agents still get to pick images, write short content pieces, and make their newsletters unique, all while preserving the overall corporate branding you care about.

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